With These Study Tips You Will Nail Every Exam!

Published on 03/15/2021

It isn’t a secret that University and College can be very stressful. While studying all day long and submitting papers, it can be really hard to stay focused and to concentrate. But don’t worry! In this article you will find the best study tips and tricks, that will keep you focused and get you through your exam period.

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With These Study Tipps You Will Nail Every Exam!


New Environments

New surroundings are very important when you study. Most of the students always study at the same spot and do not understand why they can’t concentrate anymore after a while. We can tell you why! After a while you just can’t see the same window and the same walls anymore. Therefore, it is very important to change up your study setting from time to time. If you have several spots at home to study, try to switch them. If you don’t have that much space at home, take your books and search yourself a nice spot at the park. You will see how much of a difference a change of environment will make.

Breaks and Movement

If you think the only right way to study is to sit down and put your head into your books for the whole day, you are wrong! This might work for some people, bust many people need to take so-called “movement breaks” . It is scientifically proven, that it helps you to concentrate better, if you take some active breaks when studying. Breaks in general are very important for you, as you will not be able to stay focused after a certain period of time. After two hours, it is advised to take a break. Try to walk around during your break or even dance for 10 minutes. This will help your body to release stress and give you and your brain new energy to collect new information.

Study Groups

Every person is different and therefore prefers a different studying style. While some people like to study alone, others prefer to study in a group. While it maybe hard to study in study groups during times like these, you can still create study groups over zoom, skype etc. Studying with friends is not only making studying more fun, it also helps many people to memorize and recall information better.

Reward Yourself

Studying can be stressful, but you should never forget to reward yourself as well! If it’s with a good meal, your favorite snacks or your favorite Netflix show, self reward is very important. It will connect studying not only with stress, but also with a good feeling. From a psychological aspect, you will be more likely to approach your study sessions with a positive state of mind, once you also reward yourself with little things. There are even apps such as “Ibotta”, “Dosh”, or “GetUpside” which gives you ideas for study rewards.

Daily Routine

Another great tip when it comes to studying, is a daily routine. You should plan yourself a daily routine that will include wake up times, as well as study and break times. This will help you to be consistent and disciplined with your studies, and you will see how much easier it will be for you to wake up and start your day!