How To Focus And Pay Attention While In Zoom

Published on 10/07/2020

2020 has been a very unexpected year for all of us. If someone had told us a year ago that this year we would be facing a global pandemic, we would have probably laughed, but it did happen, and in order to cope with the situation and move on we need to adapt. One of the many aspects that the COVID-19 has affected, is the educational system. Students all over the world were forced to stay at home and learn from home. How? Most of them have chosen the Zoom app. For students, it was a big change in their lives, not only because they could not see their friends anymore, but also because they had to change the learning system completely. Then there are also those who finished university this year and had to graduate also via zoom. Having to stay the whole day in front of the computer screen is no easy task. Learning through a screen is very challenging and it requires a lot of will and effort to focus and pay attention. Given that it seems that this is not going to be over soon, then might as well make the best out of it. We are gonna give you the best tips to focus and pay attention the same way than if you were present in a classroom!

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How To Focus And Pay Attention While In Zoom

No Distractions

The first and most important rule to stay focused while in zoom class is to put away all kinds of distractions. From phones to food, laptops, pets, or any other item that may distract you from focusing. To avoid temptation, just turn off your phone while you are in class. If you own any pets then just lock the door, and if you are hungry, wait till the end of class because it can be distracting for yourself and for the others as well.

Quiet Room

The ideal situation would be to be able to study from a separate room where there won’t be noise or people barging in and out constantly. If you own headphones then that’s a plus to keep al external noise out of range

Take Notes

Taking notes in class is imperative not only to stay focused but also to learn! Taking notes opens the door to another realm in which there is only you, your pen, and your teacher. On the other side, taking notes will make it way easier for you to study when the exams period begins! You will see how fast the time goes and before you know it, the day will be over.

 You Are On-Campus

Even if you are in your room, try not to lie down in your bed or the couch, that will only make things worst. It will get you tired, and you will completely lose your focus. Do as if you were on-campus and after each class walk around a little bit. Having breakfast and getting dressed before the class (same as if you would do if you had to go to campus) will help you also feel more focuses, alert, and eager to learn