6 Things Every Student Should Experience

Published on 06/15/2022

These 6 things every student should experience during his time at university.

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6 Things Every Student Should Experience

Live With Roommates

The community doesn’t have to be big. It is enough for two people to share an apartment. There is always someone there to talk to or if things don’t work out to argue. Flatmates promote tolerance and show your own strengths and quirks. Some are so “crazy” and even share a shared flat with eight people.

Get Some work experience

Why not work as a dishwasher or in a call center? Working hard builds character, at least that’s what they say, and finances one or two cold drinks.

Travel, Travel, Travel!

Even if a student’s budget is not particularly large, you should try to travel as much as possible and get around as far as possible. The saying is standard, but it has to come here: later you will never have so much time and be so free again. It is also advisable to take part in excursions offered by the university.

Celebrate For A Week

Party, party, party! Probably the biggest cliché when it comes to students. Lectures on Friday are not offered at all or are generally poorly attended because the majority of the students celebrated the night before and are now sleeping in and/or fighting the hangover. Not for nothing did Asher Roth rap a declaration of love for college. Especially at the beginning of the semester, a series of freshman parties invites you to celebrate. Why not take advantage of the fact that the university is not yet open and celebrate for a whole week at a wide variety of locations? The reputation as a party queen is gone after that.

Getting Lost On Campus

When looking for room K134b or the tiny seminar room 216, you can get lost on campus. In times of a constantly increasing number of first-year students and the associated extension buildings, clarity on campus quickly suffers. Even in times of smartphones and GPS, this phenomenon still occurs, especially in the first semester, the names of the buildings and rooms and the routes between the individual parts of the campus are not yet second nature. Since there is still no app with detailed individual directions, it only helps to ask for directions similarly.

Experience Abroad

It is always good for your own CV to have gained experience abroad. In addition, one’s own horizon is broadened, one gets to know new cultures and languages and makes new friends. These are all reasons that speak for a stay abroad during your studies. This is even mandatory for some courses. In addition, it’s never been easier to say goodbye and stay abroad for a semester or two than during your studies. The best thing to do is ask your own university which partner universities you can be placed with, or whether there are special exchange programs. It is important to start planning in good time; a lead time of at least one year is recommended.